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On this medical center renovation project, a fleet of Brokks are utilized to breakout 3' thick foundation walls. A compact site, combined with strict environmental restraints made Rubblemakers the easy choice for this difficult project. As the nation's largest operators of Brokk Equipment, Rubblemakers prides itself on delivering multiple machines on a single day or around the clock basis.
Rubblemakers lifts out a concrete floor section on a warehouse conversion project.
Brook 330 prepares a building for demolition by separating the structure to be demolished from an operating office. Rubblemakers removed two bays in this 10-story building in three shifts, over a weekend. On Monday, the office was open with no collateral damage.
Brokk 330 operates within a cofferdam. Tight operating condition such as this, with a need for projection and safety, require the special touch of Rubblemakers.
Brokk 150 assists in a tight area on a tunnel project. Fume free, compact and highly productivity are benchmarks of Rubblemakers service.
Brokk 150 with a long boom hammers out 3'-4' thick concrete on a power plant expansion project. Affordable innovation such as this expand our client's potential uses of our services on difficult confined space operations.
Brokk 150 excavates material from a large bank vault removal project. Interior excavating and bank vault removal project are ideal uses of Rubblemakers.
Slurry wall trimming are among the most common uses of Rubblemakers. Productive removal combined with a gentle touch; make our slury "trimming service" the choice of both the owner and the contractor.
Brokk 250 pulls down a wall section during a building demolition project. This project involved demolishing a building built against a research facility. Within inches of this wall were long-term experiments that had been progressing for years. These experiments could not be relocated or delayed and could potentially be worth millions of dollars.
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