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A crane lifts a section of saw-cut concrete from a building under renovation by Duane Corporation. Project such as this combine Rubblemakers' specialty equipment with Duane Corporation demolition experience.
An excavator with grapple demolishes a building at a housing project demolition site. Through the combination of the right machines, experienced operators and qualified supervision, Duane Corporation delivers safe, reliable and cost efficient demolition.
Excavator loads out debris at plant demolition project.
A crane with wrecking ball prepares to get started on the demolition of a building after a major fire. Jammed between active building and a major intersection, this project required intricate shoring on an historic front wall and utilized various Brokk machines.
Duane Corporation utilized a machine with a hydraulic hammer to take off deteriorating concrete on a dam renovation project. This project also utilized various Brokk machines.
Converting a round warehouse into a hotel without altering the outside walls required specialty equipment such as Brokk conventional excavators and experience. Duane Corporation completed the work without disturbing the exterior walls; later Rubblmakers would be given the interior excavation package.
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