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Brokk 250 with a Clamshell Bucket is used on a bridge rehabilitation project. With the Brokk/ Clamshell combination, the contractor was able to eliminate costly and inefficient hand labor. On this phase of the project, Rubblemakers was able to shave weeks off the schedule.
Brokk 250 with a Grapple Loads out chains from inside a cement kiln alteration project. Compact and powerful, the Brokk 250 coupled with a grapple provides incredible versatility for all interior demolition projects.
Brokk 250 with a Scabbler designed by Rubblemakers on a demonstration. This unit along with a vacuum assembly has been utilized on nuclear D & D projects throughout the United States and Europe. This unit can also be used on conventional projects.
Brokk 250 with Tilt attachment and extra boom section is utilized with a scrabble on a nuclear D & D project. Combining these various attachments increases the Brokk's capabilities and limits the client's need for additional machinery or extra labor.
Brokk 250 with a Shear cut an escalator on a mall renovation project. Ideal for piping, light structural steel and other metal objects, the shear can limit the need for torch cutting while increasing safety.
The Shear pulls a steel beam from a pile of debris on a plant renovation project. Strong, versatile and easy to set up, the shear is ideal for many interior projects.
Brokk 250 with a Crusher systematically demolishes a roof adjacent to a major highway. Capable of crushing up to 16 inches of concrete, the crusher is efficient and powerful.
A close-up of the CC 550 Crusher on a demolition project. While working on this project, the concrete Rubblemakers removed was inches from priceless art and sculptures. Rubblemakers has also employed this technology in hospitals, active facilities and numerous institutional projects.
Brokk 150 with long boom and excavating bucket spins and loads out debris carts at a power plant renovation project. The Brokk 150 with a long boom saved the contractor both time and money while increasing safety.

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